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5 Reasons to Bring in a DOL Doctor for a Workers’ Comp Injury

No federal employee is ready for an on the job injury or disease when one happens. Whether it’s a sudden, traumatic injury, a repetitive stress injury that worsens over time, or a disease that sets in, it can take you by surprise. In addition to worrying about the pain and limitations it enforces on your life, now you have to worry about getting your Office of Workers’ Compensation Programs (OWCP) benefits and continuing to make ends meet while injured or recovering. That is why you should bring in a DOL doctor from OWCP Doctors Houston for a workers’ comp injury.

Here are five reasons why working with a DOL doctor will benefit you and aid in your recovery:

Benefits of having a DOL doctor aid in your recovery Houston

  1. You won’t be doing it alone: Suffering an injury on the job can be scary (not to mention painful), and you may have many questions. Many different forms may be necessary to get your full benefits and compensation. Getting these forms filled out right the first time is essential to make this process as quick and smooth as possible. Having a reliable and experienced team of DOL doctors and administrative professionals on your side can give you added peace of mind. We have two priorities – getting you healed and getting you the full medical benefits the DOL owes you.
  2. You will receive top-notch medical treatment: One thing that sets OWCP Doctors Houston apart is that we don’t just mask your symptoms with painkillers and send you on your way. We use advanced diagnostic techniques to get to the root of the problem and treat that instead. With a multi-disciplinary approach, our DOL doctors have your full recovery as our goal. Whether you need traditional medical care, physical therapy, chiropractic, or other care, we will ensure you get it.
  3. You can focus on just getting better: Having a trusted medical team there to help you heal and ensure your medical claims are made properly means you can keep all of your attention where it belongs – on getting better.
  4. You will have an experienced expert there to answer your questions: Knowing that your doctor has been through this with countless patients gives you a level of comfort that comes with expertise. When questions come up along this journey – as they undoubtedly will – you have someone to turn to.
  5. You’ll have a better understanding of the process and paperwork: While we certainly hope that you never have to go through this process again, it does help to become familiar with it during this experience. With more than two and a half million federal employees in the country, there are over 150,000 claims each year. If you happen to know the 1 in 20 federal employees who file a claim next year, you might be able to bring some hope to them.

Do you have questions about your situation? Reach out to our team today at (713) 231-5507.

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