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Can You Receive Workers Compensation Benefits for Ongoing Pain?

There is a misconception among federal workers and other employees that only sudden or one-time injuries qualify for worker’s compensation benefits. You can receive worker’s compensation benefits for ongoing pain. Repetitive injuries caused by a job, or worsened by a job, are generally covered by workers comp when it can be proven that their work duties created or aggravated the condition.

The condition does need to be reported within 120 days of realizing it exists. After reporting, you have three years from when the condition started affecting your ability to work to file a workers comp claim. OWCP Doctors Houston are here to help you recover from the ongoing pain that comes with repetitive strain injuries.

Types of Repetitive Injuries That Qualify for Workers Comp

Repetitive injuries are known as repetitive strain injuries (RSIs) or Overuse Injuries. There are many conditions these categories cover. Repetitive injuries can include:

Types of Repetitive Injuries That Qualify for Workers Comp Houston, TXCarpal tunnel syndrome

One of the most common RSIs, or work injuries, is carpal tunnel syndrome. As many as 10 million Americans suffer from carpal tunnel. When pressure is placed on nerves in the wrist, tendons and nerves can be affected by the swelling. Symptoms of carpal tunnel include numbness and pain in your wrists or hands.


Tendinitis is the inflammation of any tendon in the body. Tendons are the cords that connect the body’s muscles to the bones. Repetitive motions can cause strain or stress to the tendon, which results in pain in the neighboring muscles.

Tennis elbow

Tennis elbow is the inflammation of specific tendons – those that connect the muscles in your forearm to your elbow. Symptoms of tennis elbow include loss of grip and pain radiating from the outside of your elbow and even into the forearm and wrist.

Trigger finger

When the tendons in the finger get inflamed, a trigger finger can result. Trigger finger is recognizable by the finger being stuck, bent in position, and then snapping straight.

Rotator cuff syndrome

When the tendons and muscles surrounding your shoulder are used repetitively to the point of damage, you may suffer from rotator cuff syndrome. It’s frequently experienced by workers whose jobs require them to do overhead work (like painting, carpeting, etc.).


A bursa is a fluid-filled sac that cushions the joints, bones, and surrounding muscles and tendons. When the bursa gets inflamed, it’s called bursitis and can be common in jobs that require repetitive motion.

If you have experienced numbness, pain, reduced motion, tingling, weakness, or other symptoms that make it harder to do your job or live your life, it’s worth getting a free consultation with OWCP Doctors Houston to find out what recourse you may have. Our caring team of medical professionals will work with you to get you healthy and mobile again and get what you are owed by workers comp.

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