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Common Workplace Injuries

Federal workers are subject to the same type of injuries in the workplace as non-federal employees. These can range from mild to extreme and even deadly. The most common types of injuries that federal workers receive on the job are:

Handling of Materials
This includes lifting heavy weights, pulling heavy loads, or transporting any sort of materials.

Slips, Trips, and Falls
Falling or slipping due to wet surfaces, faulty equipment, or unmarked paths.

Caught In or Between Objects
This can occur because of a vehicle accident, earthquake, or an overloaded piece of storage equipment.

Toxic Exposure
Being exposed to toxic or poisonous elements or chemicals is cause for a claim. These substances can come from chemicals used on the job or in the environment one is exposed to while working, such as a job site.

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Transportation-Related Injuries or Accidents
This could include car accidents while on the job, or improperly secured loads being shaken loose and falling, etc.

Falling Objects
This is surprisingly common in areas that don’t meet the typical job-site description. Objects can fall and injure employees in filing rooms, supply closets, restaurant kitchens, and many other areas that staff work in, where employees would not be wearing hard hats or other protective equipment, like steel-toed boots.

Fires and Explosions
In addition to the usual sources of flames, there are a variety of other sources fires that have been known to occur. An electrical fire can occur in a computer server closet, for instance.

Non-flame explosions can also occur from canisters of compressed gasses, faulty pressure release valves, etc.

If a fight breaks out between workers, injuries sustained as a result could be worthy of a claim.

Repetitive Motion Injuries
Everything from carpal tunnel syndrome to shoulder strains, neck and back trauma, or wrist strain can be all be classified as repetitive motion injuries.

Trauma from an Object or Equipment
Injury to eyes, hands, feet, or any other body part as a result of using industrial equipment that is required for your work.

What we can do to help?

At OWCP Doctors of Houston, we have seen it all. From sprains, cuts, gouges or lacerations, to tendonitis and concussions, we can help. In fact, our specialty is Federal Workman’s Compensation claims.

Once you’ve contacted us, we will help you sort out how to report the injury to your manager (if you haven’t already).

We’ll walk you through the paperwork and set you up with your initial appointment. You will receive an examination, with any needed diagnostic tests (including x-rays, MRIs, range-of-motion tests, or more).

Next will come the treatment plan. We will go over what your schedule of care will be, how soon you can get back to work, and with what restrictions (if any).

We will also go over what the OWCP will be asking of you and what you can expect throughout the entire experience.

No one should go through this alone. Even if your ailment isn’t listed in this article, it may be covered, and you can be sure we’ll get you back to work as soon as possible.

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