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Consequential Injuries as it Relates to Workers Compensation

Consequential injuries are injuries or medical conditions that happen away from the job but result from an employee’s initial injury that was sustained on the job. These secondary conditions can manifest in a number of ways and situations. The good news is that you may be entitled to worker’s compensation if your ailment is clearly connected to the original injury.

Examples of Consequential Injuries

Some examples of what you may be entitled to compensation for include:

  • Injuries or negligence while being treated for the original injury
  • Bedsores or negligence from a hospital stay as a result of the original condition
  • An infection from the work-related injury or medical condition
  • Injuries that are a result of physical therapy needed due to the original injury
  • Degeneration of a tendon, joint, etc. due to a previous work-related injury
  • Injuries due to favoring the opposite side of your body when compensating for a work-related injury
  • Injuries from using crutches, wheelchairs, or other devices that were required due to the work-related injury
  • Mental or psychological problems stemming from the work injury
  • Injury sustained during travel to or from medical treatments

What Steps to Take When Filing a Consequential Injury

Filing a Report Consequential Injury Houston, TXReport your consequential injury.
Just as you reported your initial injury, you need to report your secondary injury. Submit a written account describing the circumstances of this injury in as much detail as possible and explain how it is directly related to the first one. It is crucial to report your work-related injury, whether initial or consequential, as soon as possible. Failure to report it in a timely manner may result in your claim being denied.

Inform the healthcare provider.
Contact your healthcare provider and inform them of your injury, providing them with the written report. The provider should then evaluate it and come up with a medical report that connects the two injuries. It is also important that you confer with your medical provider to make sure you get the necessary paperwork filled out and submitted to guarantee your worker’s compensation.

Keep a log.
It may also be useful to keep a daily log or journal of your missed days of work, travel, and out-of-pocket expenses that have accrued due to your injury. Consider writing down when certain symptoms began to have at your disposal. Having things organized and in one place will make it easier to go forward with the process.

The possibility of disputes.
In the chance that the insurance company refuses your claim, you can challenge that decision. However, our skilled team will do all that we can to ensure your claim is submitted properly. This will help avoid possible complications and maximize the possibility of acceptance.

If you are someone you know has suffered a consequential injury, they may qualify for compensation. At OWCP Doctors Houston, we are greatly experienced in claims pertaining to workplace injuries and worker’s compensation benefits. We know that these matters can get complicated, and we want to minimize your stress so that you can focus on your recovery. Call us today at (713) 231-5507 for a free consultation.

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