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Department of Labor

If you’re a civilian federal employee who is suffering from a work-related injury or illness, your benefits claim will be handled by the Office of Workers’ Compensation Programs (OWCP), a Department of Labor division (DOL). Our consultants are experts in the DOL OWCP requirements, and our team of doctors specializes in workplace injury treatment. We can help you with free claim preparation, so contact us to arrange an appointment.

DOL Doctors in Houston

DOL Doctors in Houston

We are Houston’s foremost specialists in workplace injury claims. Our extensive experience treating federal workers who are injured on a wide range of jobs has provided us with valuable insight into what the DOL OWCP looks for when reviewing Federal Employees’ Compensation Act claims (FECA). We have an excellent success rate for getting our patient's claims approved.

We offer the most modern and innovative treatments for injuries of all kinds. We have helped countless patients get back to work after all types of injuries, most commonly including the feet, ankles, knees, hips, elbows, wrists, hands, shoulders, and neck. We will evaluate your injury and design a personalized treatment plan to get you up and running again.

Department of Labor Claims Experts

Our clinic is authorized by the DOL OWCP to provide treatment to injured federal employees. That is our primary area of focus. Our doctors and consultants ensure that your claim is handled properly and that your treatment and recovery are the top priority.

Department of Labor Claims Experts

We understand how important it is to get your claim approved quickly and that preparing your claim is often more stressful than the injury itself. Any slip-up can cause a delay that could mean you’ll have to pay for your expenses, hoping to be reimbursed at a later date. We specialize in minimizing the risk associated with an incomplete filing.

Postal workers are disproportionately at risk for a work-related injury. They are the largest group receiving benefits under FECA. A 2016 analysis showed that 21.6% of the federal workforce was comprised of postal workers, but that they had 47.9% of the injuries and illnesses resulting in FECA cases. These injured employees, as well as the employees of any other federal agency, are entitled to benefits under FECA but are at risk of having their benefits denied if their claims aren’t correctly submitted.

If you are a USPS worker suffering from an injury due to walking all day with a heavy load or a federal worker with another kind of injury, you are covered for treatment under FECA, and we will help you get your claim accepted. Our patients have included employees of federal agencies such as:

  • BOP - Federal Bureau of Prisons
  • CBP - Customs and Border Protection Agency
  • DHS - Department of Homeland Security
  • DOD - Department of Defense
  • ICE - Immigration and Customs Enforcement
  • IRS - Internal Revenue Service
  • SSA - Social Security Administration
  • TSA - Transportation Security Administration
  • VA - Veterans Affairs

Our doctors want you to be entirely focused on recuperating, rather than worrying about your claim. Get in touch with us for immediate assistance with your workplace injury and claim.

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