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How Can Diagnostic Tests Affect Your Workers’ Comp Case?

Diagnostic tests are sometimes used in workers’ comp cases to corroborate and diagnose hard-to-find pain that the patient may be vocalizing.

While simple tests like X-rays are often done immediately upon your admittance to the ER after an accident in the workplace, they don’t often conduct more advanced tests like CT scans, MRIs, or EMGs. Things like nerve damage, slipped discs, or torn cartilage only show up on these types of tests, and can make the difference in your claim getting approved or not.

If you’ve been left with pain after an injury at the workplace, it can be advantageous for you to get the appropriate diagnostic tests to determine the underlying cause of the pain. Testing is one of the only undeniable ways to prove your pain exists, and back up your claim.

Houston Workers Comp Doctor Houston, TXMaybe you were released from the hospital after a simple slip and fall with no visible injuries, broken bones, or the like. But now you’re limping, have shooting pain, or can no longer lift your children. By running the appropriate diagnostic tests, our team of workers’ comp doctors can isolate what is causing the debilitating pain, and most importantly, help you fix it.

If for some reason your claim was denied by workers’ comp and you end up going in front of a judge, having test results that line up with your story by showing the actual damage to your body can help make your case.

Houston Workers’ Comp Doctor

As one of the most experienced groups of medical professionals with OWCP in the Houston metro, our team is dedicated to getting you healed and helping you get your benefit claims approved. Our staff will work with you to avoid the extra expense and prolonged wait times that come with denial, and help to get your claim submitted properly in the first place for maximal probability of acceptance.

Our extensive experience dealing with claims involving all types of injuries that can happen on the clock as a federal employee works in your favor. You have enough on your plate with healing, missing work, and everything else that goes with sustaining an injury. Let our team help you get back to life as you know it. Our loyalties lie with you, the injured, and we will work with you to find the medical help and file the proper claims that will support you in achieving a full recovery.

Reach out to our caring professionals today for a free consultation, and let’s see how we can help you get the treatment and proper claims you are due (713) 231-5507.

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