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How Does a Consultation Work?

If you have suffered an on the job injury as a federal worker, how do you get help? The days of heading to the company doctor and getting patched up to get back to work are long past. There are procedures that must be followed and paperwork that must be filed correctly and in a timely fashion to ensure that your case is handled correctly.

Whether the injury is stress-related, from an automobile accident, a slip and fall, or other work-related injury, you don’t have to go to the doctor that your employer recommends. You can choose to have a consultation with a licensed DOL doctor who knows how to follow the protocols to get you taken care of both medically and with regard to filing paperwork.

You have numerous choices for professional medical treatment from independent doctors with years of experience in dealing with the Department of Labor and Office of Worker’s Compensation Programs.

Dealing with an on the job injury isn’t as simple as going to a walk-in clinic for a sprained ankle. With a consultation, you meet with an experienced expert in the field who can assess your situation and get the paperwork process started immediately so that your case is handled the right way from the beginning.

What to Expect at Your Consultation

When you have found a doctor and office that best fits your needs, you will have an initial consultation to determine how you can best be helped. Because the person you meet with has extensive experience in the arena of worker’s comp claims, your questions get answered immediately and clearly, without going through red tape or having to stay on hold for hours.

What to Expect at Your Consultation Houston, TXAfter an initial screening, the process of completing the paperwork and beginning your treatment plan starts. Immediately, the team will communicate with you about both your health needs and your available benefits, including medical coverage and lost wages.

It is vital that these processes happen in a timely fashion, so the team will work quickly to get the ball rolling on your treatment. Life can be overwhelming in the aftermath of an injury, and having an experienced team on your side can alleviate some of the inevitable stress of being unable to work.

From organizing physical therapy and other recovery treatments, to marshaling your paperwork through the process to ensure that reimbursement and benefits are delivered to you in a timely manner, the team is here to help you.

As you recover, finances should be the least of your worries, and the team is in place to take care of that pain so you only have to deal with healing from your own physical pain. It doesn’t make sense to just settle on the first name on a list without searching for a doctor and team that feels right to you. Your health is essential to your continued career and quality of life, so make sure you find the doctor and team that best meets your needs.

For more information on how a consultation works after an on the job injury, call us at OWCP Docs today (713) 231-5507.

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