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Training Your Employees on Proper Safety Protocols

One of the most effective ways to ensure there aren’t accidents in the workplace is to follow all safety protocols of your field, and make sure your staff are not only trained in them, but enforce them within the workplace.

While you are probably aware of the OSHA guidelines for your specific industry, and any recommended training that could help keep your staff safe (and your Worker’s Comp payments low), let’s take a look at some of the key points you can ensure your staff are well-versed in.

  • Ensure all posters, safety announcements, and other safety training is done using vocabulary that all employees understand.
  • Employees should not be allowed to work in a potentially dangerous environment under the influence of alcohol or drugs, as this can make them a hazard to not just themselves, but those around them.
  • Employees should be trained to keep their mind on their work. Those who let their mind wander due to lack of interest, distraction, personal problems or anything else can become a danger to themselves and their co-workers.
  • Staff should not fool around or engage in horseplay while working for their own – and everyone else’s – safety.
  • Teach staff to use the proper lifting technique – using knees, not the back to lift. Squat down, with knees and hips bent, pick up the item, and straighten the legs. Do not twist the body or turn the upper body while holding or lifting something heavy.

One additional point you can do for increased safety is drilling, just like they do in the military. Have you held routine practice sessions of how to handle the hazardous parts of the job? Doing dry runs of the motions along each step of the process can help familiarize staff with what to do in a given situation. For instance, if a particular safety sensor goes down, what should they do? Likely you have alarms in place already, but you can implement regular drilling (weekly, monthly, whatever suits your business) to run everyone through the motions of “what to do if…”

Implementing a safety and health program can help to reduce the risk of injury or accident within the workplace, and keep everyone happier and safer.

Common Workplace Accidents & How to Avoid Them

Some of the most common workplace accidents that could easily be avoided are:

Common Workplace Accidents & How to Avoid Them Houston, TX

  • Slips and falls – cleaning up any spills or debris, not leaving cords out, making sure lighting is sufficient, and that walking surfaces are level/stable can all keep the workplace safer.
  • Falling from height – keep all ladders, stairs, and other equipment in good repair and up to standard. Don’t let employees use equipment for something other than its intended purpose (i.e. standing on a bookcase instead of using an approved ladder or platform).
  • Electrocution – follow all OSHA guidelines and ensure electrical hazards have been identified and all employees have been sufficiently warned of them.

As much as we hope you and your team remain safe, should you have an accident in the workplace, our medical team is here for you. We are focused exclusively on OWCP claims & treatments. We offer complimentary consultations where you can have the chance to meet with your DOL-OWCP case manager, to go over your case and get any claims assistance you may need throughout this journey to wellness. Reach out to us today to get help (713) 231-5507.

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