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What To Do Immediately After Getting Hurt On The Job

Getting hurt on the job can end up being one of the most troubling situations you can find yourself in, for more reasons than just the injury itself. That’s not to say recovering from an injury is easy, but if you’ve ever had trouble filing claims and receiving the compensation you deserve, you know there is a lot more to it than simply receiving treatment.

From the moment the injury occurs, there are some specific steps you should take to give yourself the best chance at a favorable outcome. Keep the following steps in mind in case you end up getting hurt at work.

Seek Medical Attention

Seek Medical Attention Houston, TXThe first thing you should do after getting hurt on the job is tend to your injuries. If you need emergency attention, then call 911 and or head to the nearest medical center or hospital. However, if your injury is not an emergency, make an appointment with a doctor that is approved by your insurance carrier and authorized by the Worker’s Compensation Board. If you are a federal worker, finding an appropriate DOL doctor will help you get treated quickly and get the compensation you deserve.

Notify Your Supervisor

There are going to be forms to fill out and regulatory procedures to carry out after an injury at work, so be sure to let your supervisor know what happened once you’re sure your injury is under control. If you let this part slide, you may end up losing your chance for worker’s compensation benefits. Following this step is important for federal employees as well. You may be governed by the federal employee’s compensation act, but your supervisors still need to know.

Fill Out the Required Forms

Filling out insurance forms and claim requests is one of the most challenging parts of the process for many people. When you’ve suffered an injury, your thoughts are on getting better so you can resume your normal life and schedule, and complicated forms can certainly get in the way. However, filling out forms correctly and in a timely fashion is how you will be compensated during your recovery, so it’s a crucial component.

When you have an experienced DOL doctor in your corner, you can feel comfortable that all the forms you need to fill out will be done correctly, just the way you need them. Filling out claims only to find out they were incorrect and need to be done again is no better that not doing them at all.

At this point, it’s best to follow your doctor’s instructions as closely as possible, so it seems like you are doing all you can to recover fully. If there are nay hearings regarding your case, let your DOL doctor know and attend if possible. You should also get back to work as soon as your doctor gives you the green light. If you are a federal employee and have been injured on the job and need a doctor that understands the process and how to make it work best for you, get in touch with us today.

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