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Work-Related Motor Vehicle Accidents

What happens if you are a federal worker and you are in a motor vehicle accident? Many federal workers operate transportation as a normal part of the job, and accidents are sometimes unavoidable. If you receive an injury while operating a vehicle during work hours, how is that different from a fender bender on the weekend?

For the first couple of steps, the process is pretty much the same as if you were driving in your own vehicle. You should:

  • Notify the police of the accident
  • Seek any necessary medical attention immediately
  • Swap insurance information with anyone else who was involved in the accident

At this point, though, things become a little different if it was work-related or the accident happened while you were on the job.

You need to immediately notify your employer that the accident occurred. Because the accident happened on the clock, the employer may be required to cover some or all of your medical expenses and any wages lost due to time off work.

What some people do not know is that workers’ comp applies no matter whose fault the accident was. If it was a work vehicle, or if you have injuries or lasting effects that require medical attention, the employer needs to be notified so that the vehicle can be towed and so that your medical expenses can be covered by the employer’s insurance.

What Assistance Can We Provide for Processing Your Workers’ Comp Claim?

What Assistance Can We Provide for Processing Your Worker's Comp Claim Houston, TXFiling a federal workers’ comp claim can be a complicated process, and if not done correctly, it can cost you when it comes to lost wages and medical expenses. The paperwork must be completed and filed in a timely manner and all procedures must be followed to the letter or the claim could be denied, freeing the government of any responsibility to you with regard to covering expenses related to the accident.

You could suffer migraines, whiplash, back pain or spinal injuries and many other debilitating conditions as a result of the accident.

You need a team behind you that knows how to both treat you and assist you with filing your claim. You do not have to use the doctor that your employer chooses – there are many.

Department of Labor and Office of workers’ Compensation Program medical professionals with a great deal of experience who can help you while you are dealing with recovery. You want to make sure that whatever your injury is, you have a competent physician, but also a team of professionals who can make certain that your claim is filed correctly to avoid any problems with the processing.

No matter how you were injured, even from falls, physical overexertion or other accidents, you should choose a physician and team with your best interests in mind, not those of your employer. The team you choose should be aligned with your needs, both physical and financial, to make sure that your recovery is not impeded by delays and doesn’t become a burden for you.

Accidents can be traumatic occurrences and generate a tremendous amount of stress and instability in all facets of your life. Make sure that you choose an experienced physician and team who fight to make sure that you get both the treatment and compensation you deserve.

For more information on filing a claim from a work-related motor vehicle accident, call us at OWCP docs today (713) 231-5507.

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